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This Christmas, farm toys are no doubt going to be a part of your holiday wish list, as they are every year. If your little farmer is interested in farms and animals, you’re no doubt curious as to what you might put on your holiday gift list. There are some classics, of course. After all, who can forget the song “The Farmer in the Dell”? There are also plenty of newcomers to the farm toy market, making each Christmas shopping season different from the last. Here are some of the most popular farm toys this year:

1) The John Deere pedal tractor

What says farm more than John Deere? This maker of grown-up farm implements is also known for their line of tractor toys. Perhaps the most popular of these is the John Deere pedal tractor. This season, your youngest farmer may be interested in a pedal car, and what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to purchase a John Deere pedal tractor? Featuring all metal siding and a seat that allows younger children to navigate around the barnyard without needing the balancing skills that would be required of them on a regular bicycle, this is a great way to pair imaginative farm play with outdoor exercise. The John Deere tractor pedal car will no doubt provide hours of active entertainment for younger children. Because it is larger than many other John Deere toys, for your best bet of finding it in stock buy online.

2) Scale models of farm equipment

Always one of the most popular farm-related toys for kids of all ages, there are several companies making scale models, including ERTL and John Deere. These toys will allow your children to play with a fraction of the real deal. Many different varieties of farm equipment are available, and your children can mix and match to create a mini-farm that is all their own.

3) Animal Toys

If you’re looking into farm toys, you’ll no doubt be interested in some of the animal toys that are available. Many of these toys are cast from durable plastic, and can be combined to create an authentic farm that includes horses, pigs and cattle. From the simplest styles designed for toddlers to more realistic models for older children, animals are a must-have for stocking the farm.

4) Trains

Trains are another piece of Americana that doesn't seem to fade in popularity where toys are concerned. If your child has set up a pretend farm, why not have a train track to run alongside it? There are, of course, many versions of the ever-popular toy train, from Thomas the Train for the preschool set to more elaborate setups with real working engines.

Regardless of the age, ability level or interests of your child, you’ll be able to find some great toys this holiday season. Farm toys are always in vogue, and so you will have plenty to choose from. From John Deere farm implements, including the pedal tractor, to models of farm animals and equipment, your child will have hours of fun with their pretend farm.

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Classic Farm Toys For Christmas

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This article was published on 2010/12/14